I embrace finding the beauty that surrounds us. My inspiration comes from all things in nature and I channel this into my work. The seed was planted at a very young age with a love of my Grandmother's rock and crystal collection. I was fascinated with the idea that the specimens I played with formed naturally from this earth. This lead to a lifelong passion...

I have been designing and making jewelry for over fifteen years. My intention is to create classic and timeless pieces that will last. I incorporate carefully selected natural and genuine gemstones, freshwater pearls and sterling and fine silvers into my designs, including beads from Bali, Turkey and Thailand. I will occasionally add in other metals such as copper and gold for accents. My focus is always on details and craftsmanship, and I strive to put love in all that I create.

My work has been shown at various galleries, shows and local stores. I am located in the beautiful countryside of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Feel free to contact me with any special requests.

In addition to jewelry design, I also have a love for art and nature photography. I am excited to be able to share some images and prints here as well as some specially chosen crystals and mineral specimens that have caught my eye. Stay tuned to see the evolution of my growing collection.